About Me

My training should be as important to you as it is to me. After all, you are the reason that I've gone through it. Just as with any profession, there are folks that can give Massage Therapy a bad name, such as unlicensed folks working in kiosks in the malls around town, or people vending in faires. Insist on seeing a license with their name on it! Don't be afraid to check ID to verify that the person working on you is actually licensed by the state of Texas. This little step assures you of a minimum of training by the person that is going to be manipulating your muscles. Please remember, an unlicensed Massage Therapist knows nothing of the important muscle structures and endangerment sites on your body.

I am licensed, and have more than 600 hours of training, twice the amount required by the State of Texas at the time of this writing.

My primary focus is on therapeutic relaxation and wellness, so I've chosen a broad variety of instruction to be able to target any problem area, or concentrate on relaxation. I am trained in Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, am certified in Thai massage, Bamboo Fusion Therapy as well as Medical Massage, and trained in various spa techniques such as mini-facials, etc. I'll never be satisfied with just what I've learned, and intend to learn every modality that I possibly can.