Zenergy Touch Massage Therapy in San Antonio Texas features a comfortable, spa-like atmosphere without spa prices! Located near IH 10 and Wurzbach, Zenergy Touch is convenient, too!

Please don't confuse Zenergy Touch with another massage place here in town that started using my name a year after I did. I think imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery! Of course, there is only one real Zenergy in San Antonio, and that is right here.

Now proudly offering Bamboo Fusion Therapy and Ashiatsu!

Bamboo Fusion Therapy is a deep technique done with natural, renewable bamboo, heated for relaxation and for the therapeutic benefits. It simply must be experienced! This can be very deep, or simply relaxing-you decide. Ashiatsu is a VERY deep massage done with the feet. Weight is distributed, so is it deep, but luxurious.

Zenergy Touch is about you. Your relaxation, your peace of mind, your vacation from reality. Step into a world that is all about your well-being. Step into a world without telephones, traffic, kids, relatives, and all of the things that can cause your muscles to tighten up with stress. You are never treated like cattle as in the discount places, never shorted on time, never have to stand in line. An hour is really an hour at Zenergy Touch, not 50 minutes (or less!) like the discount places. When you compare what you get for an average of $16 more than the cattle car places, you'll agree that Zenergy Touch is right for you!

Why "Zenergy Touch"? To me, the sense of touch is one of our most important senses. The intent of that touch is just as important as the touch itself. My focus is always on your healing, relaxation, well being and harmony-the word "Zen" reflects that attitude. When you need to revitalize and give your body energy, when you want to experience the Zen of relaxation, when you need extra help with problem areas, I can help. Experience a professional, caring, nurturing, non-sexual, deep tissue massage. My definition of the word "Zenergy" is "To promote and nurture a sense of well being through therapeutic touch done with healing and harmonious intent."

What to expect: A completely professional massage by a licensed massage therapist. Your modesty will be protected and respected at all times, and at no time will genital areas be exposed or touched. During the session, you decide the amount of pressure that is right for you. It does not matter to me whether or not you have shaved your legs, or whether you think you are overweight. Massage is about you, not about me and what I may think of your legs. You'll be massaged on a massage table covered with fresh, clean linens, by a professionally licensed and trained massage therapist. The 'Zen Room' is reminiscent of a quiet forest with fountains that sound like a brook. From the moment you enter the Zen Room, the relaxing feeling sweeps over you. The Zen Room is not dark and cave-like, is always clean, and is a true work of art. The walls took three weeks to paint with beautiful images of trees to help you feel like you are in a peaceful forest. I use natural and organic lotions and oils whenever possible. I'm centrally located near I-10 & Wurzbach. Call 210-400-4300 for directions and address.

Offering the Following Services:

One Hour Massage
One hour of professional massage, covering all major muscle groups including: Upper and lower back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, face & scalp, or concentration on one or more problem areas. Cost: $60

One and One Half Hour Massage
One hour of professional massage, covering all major muscle groups including: Upper and lower back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, face & scalp PLUS 30 minute focus on stress or pain areas, or other focus as needed. Cost: $80

Two Hour Massage
A full two hours of concentration on YOU. Choose deep tissue or relaxation, or any combination of both. Covering all major muscle groups including: Upper and lower back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, face & scalp PLUS focus on stress or pain areas through deep tissue massage, trigger point, or combination, or focus on relaxation. Cost: $100

One Hour Bamboo Fusion or Ashiatsu Massage
Treat yourself to Bamboo Fusion. Heated pieces of bamboo are used to get deep into the muscles, or as a relaxation massage-you decide. My newest offering: Ashiatsu. A very deep massage done with clean feet. It is not walking on the body-more of a slide, but use the extra pressure of the feet to get deep into the muscles for the deepest, most luxurious massage available. Cost: $90

One and One Half Hour Bamboo Fusion or Ashiatsu Massage
Relax a little longer, and get concentrated focus on high stress areas. Cost: $110

Two Hour Bamboo Fusion or Ashiatsu Massage
The ultimate pampering! There's time for trigger point if needed, and time for extra attention to all areas. Cost: $130

Trigger point and Medical Massage is always included at no extra charge if needed, and unlike other places, I don't charge extra for deep tissue work, cupping, Thai stretch techniques or medical massage. The only things I charge more for are things that take a lot of clean-up and preparation. Aromatherapy is also included at no extra charge, as well as hot towels on your feet and a heated eyemask eith eucalyptus for the face to help the sinuses. Expect to be spoiled!

Visa, Mastercard & Discover accepted.